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Course Approval is a team of education consultants, software engineers, and designers, that help stressed-out study-abroad offices streamline operations, and automate processes.

We exist so that study-abroad offices, large and small, have access to agile, dynamic ways of handling large volumes of data resources in the most straightforward way possible.

In a world where staff are expected to be super-agile and fast, heavy-duty software is not the answer.

We knew that we could enable complex management of any course-approval workflow with a not-so-complex tool. A tool that would actually meet the needs of staff by emphasizing the "efficiency" part of "workflow efficiency."​

We design and build software for international educators that focuses on transparency, collaboration, and empowerment. This is what we hope you’ll understand, from the moment you begin using Course Approval.

Company Values


Your data security. Above all else, our commitment to safeguarding your data is the priority influence behind every feature and infrastructure decision we make. This is why we use Amazon Web Services, the world’s leading web service platform, to host our infrastructure and follow the strictest policy guidelines to protect your data 24/7. This is also why we’re obsessed with security and login features, constantly releasing new login and auditing capabilities and perfecting our current ones to ensure that your data is bulletproof.


Complex customization. There are several cookie-cutter solutions out there. We’re not one of them. The cornerstone of Course Approval that sets us apart is that we celebrate your unique workflow process. Helping study-abroad offices build their solutions around their custom workflow, instead of the other way around, is what makes us tick. This is why feature requests don’t scare us, they delight us! Even when they’re challenging or time-consuming, we’ll always prioritize adding features that grant you more customizability and control.


Student success at all costs. At Course Approval, student success isn’t just a slogan, it’s who we are. This is because we value our clients not as single sign-ups using our platform but as partners in your office's success, leveraged by our database application. Every support ticket, every feature request, every feedback, and every single chat with our clients is integral to our development, cherished, and appreciated. We offer round the clock support to our clients, and we’ll never stop evolving and developing until together we’ve removed as many barriers to study abroad as we can.

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