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Intelligent and Adaptive

Course Approval streamlines student support by centralizing and initiating a comprehensive articulation workflow with actions, assignees, and time-based tasks.

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Collect, Prioritize, and Assign


Support Students Faster

Course Approval helps your team fulfill new course requests quickly and boost student success.

Reduce Advising
Anxiety & Complexity

Think of Course Approval as mission control for everything you need to track. No need to shuffle between emails, spreadsheets, and PDF forms. Manage everything - from request to approval - with Course Approval.

Eliminate Errors

Digitally collect and transfer course requests to reduce time-consuming mistakes and oversights.

Discover a More Efficient Way to Manage Courses

Course Approval makes it easy for students to organize their new course requests and eliminate approval delays. Is uses automation to address requests efficiently and consolidates processes to reduce the busywork that can delay course approval.

Leading Innovation in Academic-
and Study-Abroad Advising


"It is so important to be able to offer transparency to a student, and Course Approval allows faculty the space and access they need to inform and provide the sorts of honest, up-front
answers to a student who is needing to discuss course-equivalency options."

"Course Approval serves to bridge the gap between advisors and study abroad office staff by creating a space where the campus community can access needed information to help a student succeed."


SUNY Cortland


"Study-abroad offices frequently express a desire to assist students efficiently by avoiding the need to reinvent the wheel for each student and course, in the realm of course selection. This analogy accurately captures the challenge.

For students, study-abroad professionals, academic advisors, and registrars, streamlining the course selection and approval process is crucial. It significantly contributes to making education abroad more accessible, less overwhelming, and easier for everyone involved."


CEO, Course Approval


"While teams strive for efficiency, the key often overlooked lies in optimizing the course-approval workflow and removing silos.

Embracing the power of streamlining and implementing effective strategies not only accelerates the approval process but empowers your cross-campus teams to achieve more with fewer resources."


Project Management Team, Course Approval


About Course Approval


Course Approval helps study-abroad offices build solutions around their custom workflow, instead of the other way around. This is why feature requests don’t scare us, they delight us! We prioritize adding features that grant you more customizability and control.

Our team is made up of education consultants, software engineers, and designers who help study-abroad offices streamline operations and automate processes. We provide agile and dynamic ways of handling large volumes of data resources in the most straightforward way possible.

Our commitment to student success isn't just a slogan; it's ingrained in our ethos. We highly regard the education-abroad team as vital partners in ensuring student success, utilizing our robust database application. Every feature request and feedback received is pivotal to our continuous development process. Our support is available round the clock, and our dedication to refining the system remains unwavering until we've collectively eliminated as many barriers to studying abroad as possible.

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