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Help students, without the scramble!

Course Approval allows you to quickly gather the information you need from your students in one place, as well as trigger a fully planned course-approval workflow with actions, assignees, time-based tasks, and more.


Discover a more efficient way to manage courses

Exceed student and advisor expectations

Study abroad offices need processes that students and advisors can rely on.

Course Approval makes it easy for students to organize (and save) their new course requests and eliminate approval delays. Use automation to address requests quickly and efficiently; consolidate processes and reduce the busywork that can delay course approval.

Always be prepared for what's next

Course Approval is fully configurable and provides study abroad advisors with better governance over course selection and approval in a user-friendly system.

Process automation allows you to guide the approval workflow with better control and efficiency and streamline advising services.

Collect, prioritize, and assign

Course Approval helps your team know what your students need, fulfill new course requests quickly, and boost student success. 

Think of Course Approval as the mission control for everything you need to track. No need to shuffle between emails, spreadsheets, and PDF forms. Manage everything - from request to approval - with Course Approval.

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