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A Software Solution that
Breaks Down Silos

With Course Approval as part of the advising team, approval requests get handed off seamlessly,
keeping the request aligned and moving forward.


A Purpose-built Solution Crafted for Cross-campus Teams:

Course Approval is a purpose-built solution designed for cross-campus teams. Our software prioritizes the 'efficiency' in 'workflow efficiency,' enabling the streamlined management of any complex workflow. Tailored for teams spanning various departments across the campus, our software solutions center on fostering transparency, collaboration, and empowerment. Experiencing Course Approval in action will immediately showcase its modern functionality, making it a platform the campus community will use!




Reliable processes are essential for students to achieve academic success. Course Approval streamlines the organization and preservation of student requests for both new and expired courses, effectively eradicating approval delays.


Academic Departments:


The Course Approval system empowers departmental approvers by enabling them to efficiently provide equivalency information online, request additional information, delegate approvals to specialized departmental experts based on course subjects, and receive automatic notifications for pending approvals or delays in the process.


Academic Advising:

Academic advisors serve a pivotal role in the study abroad course approval process. They assist students in discerning the essential courses that must be completed at their home institution and in identifying suitable equivalents that can be pursued abroad. Course Approval is instrumental in enabling advisors and students to make informed decisions regarding the most fitting courses that align with meeting graduation requirements.


Office of the Registrar:


The Office of the Registrar plays a critical role in ensuring study-abroad success. Automating your process flow for reporting on approved courses will keep the Registrar informed and eliminate the need for hand signatures on messy course-approval forms or spreadsheets.

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